10 Jun The InnoBoost Project

The InnoBoost project was developed as a joint initiative of two cross border organisations following similar goals, in order to promote a solution in response to the weaknesses of the SME sector and to the low level of competitiveness, by promoting business-to-business cooperation relations and...

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12 Jan The BanaTour Project

As a leading partner, the Tehimpuls Association is implementing the project  BanaTour – "Regenerating cross-border tourism through innovative services for the benefit of local communities", within the IPA Romania-Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The project is to be carried out over a period of 18 months, in a partnership...

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12 Jan Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region

On June 2, 2014, the Tehimpuls association started implementing the project Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region. The project is financed by the Green Industry Innovation Programme for Romania, through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism – Norway Grants, with Innovation Norway as the programme operator. The "Eco-Innovative Businesses in...

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