The BanaTour Project


12 Jan The BanaTour Project

As a leading partner, the Tehimpuls Association is implementing the project  BanaTour – Regenerating cross-border tourism through innovative services for the benefit of local communities”, within the IPA Romania-Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The project is to be carried out over a period of 18 months, in a partnership with the Banat Socio-Economic Development Agency in Zrenjanin, and addresses tourist industry entrepreneurs, public institutions active in the tourist sector, NGOs operating in tourism, as well as national and international tourists.

The project’s main activity and goal is to create the BanaTour portal. The portal will be a web-based tool, freely available anywhere in the world to Romanian and foreign tourists wishing to spend their holiday in the West Region, as well as to tourists in the project coverage area, for weekend tourism (trips, hiking, etc.). The portal will make it possible to create custom routes (trip planners), but there will also be preset tours and routes.

This will showcase tourist attractions in the West Region, providing detailed information (including photographs and documentary videos) about each attraction as a useful tourist guide. Businesses in the area can also benefit from the portal by promoting their products and services.

The portal will be available in Romanian, Serbian, and English and will include an interactive map of the West Region and the three Banat districts in Serbia: Severni Banat, Srednji Banat, and Juzni Banat.

Through its features and the information it offers, the portal will have a strong impact on the revival of tourism in the coverage area, because: on the one hand, it will bring together currently scattered tourist site information into a single database and, on the other hand, it will employ innovative technical solutions to manage and provide this information to the general public and to the companies interested.


  • Interactive map of the region (with several layers), allowing online user queries
  • Dynamic photographs
  • A database with an administration module
  • Integration with other systems (ticket purchase, accommodation reservations, event presentations, etc.)
  • Special application for mobile phones
  • Live webcam integration
  • Internal search engine
  • Automatic regular newsletter
  • Event calendar
  • Member section – with member registration, authentication password, for information editing and promotion purposes
  • Advertising space for tourist products and services
  • Trip Planner
  • Weather forecast
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