Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region

12 Jan Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region

On June 2, 2014, the Tehimpuls association started implementing the project Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region. The project is financed by the Green Industry Innovation Programme for Romania, through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism – Norway Grants, with Innovation Norway as the programme operator.

The “Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region” project is one of the 16 projects that were accepted for funding out of the 85 projects submitted, and the only winning project in the West Region. The total budget is EUR 179,024, of which EUR 160,000 is the grant provided by Norway Grants and the rest is the co-financing provided by the Tehimpuls Association. The project is going to be carried out for 23 months, until April 30, 2016.

The project’s main goal is to support the development of eco-innovative businesses and to promote innovation and the development of new environment-friendly solutions. The “Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region” project will support 3 start-ups based on eco-innovative products, technologies, and solutions (with a focus on higher resource efficiency or a lower environmental impact), with small grants, as well as consultancy and mentoring packages for product patenting and marketing.

The results achieved within the project are:

  • the development of an eco-innovative solutions database
  • organisation of a training session on IPR and Innovation Management
  • organisation of customised consultancy sessions for the winners of the first two places in the Regional Innovation Competition 2014
  • 5 de minimis aid contracts concluded – 10.000 EUR each
    • 2 startups
    • 1 spin-off
    • 2 existing businesses
  • development of a webpage
  • organisation of the 2014 and 2015 Regional Innovation Competitions
  • aquisition of a 3D printer

For additional information, please contact the Tehimpuls Association, address: Str. Proclamația de la Timișoara nr. 5, tel/fax: 0356-178.756, email:

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