The InnoBoost Project

10 Jun The InnoBoost Project

The InnoBoost project was developed as a joint initiative of two cross border organisations following similar goals, in order to promote a solution in response to the weaknesses of the SME sector and to the low level of competitiveness, by promoting business-to-business cooperation relations and to enhance business competitiveness through innovation.

Main partners of the project are:

TehimpulsThe Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer CentreLead Partner (Timisoara, Romania)

DARINNOThe Innovation Agency of the South Great Plain of HungaryProject Partner (Szeged, Hungary)

The project activities of the InnoBoost project consist of 5 main package activities:

  • project management activities (elaboration of a detailed activity plan and a communication plan, project meetings, reporting activities);
  • communication activities (establishment of 2 Ro-Hu Infopoints, development of the project website, online project banner, e-brochure, press releases, press conferences, promotional materials, photo-documentation);
  • preparation activities for the InnoMatch Fair (identification of the cross border stakeholders, selection of the target group, developing of a database; one-to-one meetings and roundtables with the target group, creation of the cross-border Strategic Board and Evaluation Team, identification of cross border cooperation good practices);
  • InnoMatch Fair (launching conference, discussion panels, matchmaking sessions, good practice shows, Competition Awards Ceremony);
  • Capitalization activities (customized consultancy schemes for the top 3 winners of the “InnoImpuls”-Innovative Products Competition; a training session on Intellectual Property Rights; Development of a catalogue of innovative products).
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