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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), helping them innovate and grow internationally. With a global presence, the network brings together experts from various partner organizations. Teams of experts from each partner organization within the network provide personalized services for businesses.

The Enterprise Europe Network can also offer a targeted approach aimed specifically at your business sector. Its groups of experts cover all key economic sectors, from healthcare, agri-food and intelligent energy to fashion and textile. In addition, the Network will help companies increase their resilience and support SMEs in their transition to more sustainable and digital business models.

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RO-Boost SMEs is a consortium of four partner organisations from the West and South-West Regions of Romania (Macroregion IV), active within the Enterprise Europe Network since 2015.

Tehimpuls Association is a partner in the Ro-Boost SMEs consortium. With a multidisciplinary team of advisors and experts, we support companies, through dedicated services, to improve their performance, to take advantage of new opportunities, to assess and manage risks for sustainable development.



Expanding into new markets enables SMEs to increase their competitiveness and sustainability, to withstand competition and to connect to market opportunities in other countries. More details… 


Innovation support services are for SMEs developing new products and services or implementing new processes to increase their competitiveness in the market. We support them from the stage of planning and translating the company’s vision from innovation strategies to the commercialisation of the results. More details…


When it comes to efficiency, simplification, automation, digitisation is the answer. Using digital technologies to transform interactions, communications, relationships and other processes in the firm is important for increasing competitiveness and improving business models. We aim to support large-scale adoption of digital technologies, from micro business solutions to ambitious digital transformation projects specific to Industry 4.0. More details… 


When companies grow and operate sustainably, everything works better – for business, people and the planet. Collectively, we can create long-term financial, consumer, human and societal value for all stakeholders. More details… 


The ability to cope with a force majeure event, such as an economic downturn, financial crisis or pandemic, is a mandatory element of a company’s stability. We help SMEs to withstand threats or unpredictable changes, but also to emerge stronger from these difficult times of uncertainty. More details… 

Doing business internationally can be a real challenge for a company, especially if you are not familiar with the specific legislation and rules imposed by the European Union. More details… 



We have the expertise to promote your collaborative interests and guide you in establishing the most advantageous business partnerships. More details… 


We facilitate access to EU funding and financial instruments by providing information services on available regional, national or European sources of funding, as well as other sources of funding that may be relevant to a business’ specific development needs, and support in connecting with relevant key external actors. More details… 


Research and innovation are key to achieving the European Union’s strategic goals of self-sufficiency and key factors for European SMEs to unlock the transition to more sustainable, resilient and digital business models. More details…



EEN team – Tehimpuls

Web: www.eenroboost.ro

Email: office@tehimpuls.ro